Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Whiptail featured on Bassmaster.com

New Product Press: Whiskey River Whiptail

Drop shot or shaky head? Yes!

6" Whiptail
By David Hunter Jones
What is it?
Whiskey River’s drop shot special, the 6-inch Whiptail.

What does it do?

It handles finesse fishing duties with aplomb.

Why do I need it?

To show the fish a different drop shot or shaky head worm.

How do I use it?

The thick forward part of the Whiptail is ideal for nose hooking on a drop shot worm, or threading or screwing on a shaky jighead.

What sets it apart?

Most noticeably, the thicker, ribbed portion of the bait is great for handling a hook, while the tapering thin tail portion is all about action. This thread-like terminus is guaranteed to twitch and whip when the slightest action is imparted. Also, the bottom of the Whiptail is flat, like a hand-poured worm.

How much?

$3.19 per 10 pack.

For more information:


We want to thank David Hunter Jones for the article! Check out the review at: www.bassmaster.com/gear/whiskey-river-whiptail

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Topwater Bass Fishing: Saloon Girl In Action!

Here is a great video that our Rising Outlaw anglers, Billy Ashton and Scott Chantler put together for us.  Great footage of the Saloon Girl in action.  Thanks a million for this guys!  Pretty awesome!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

BassFan.com: Adrian Avena's Winning Pattern for Lake Champlain

We are very excited to see that BassFan.com did a great write-up on Prostaffer, Adrian Avena's strategy for winning the FLW Everstart event on Lake Champlain!  Along with the help of a Storm Wiggle Wart and a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper, Adrian used Whiskey River Bait Company's HOSS and Vaquero Craw to round out his winning combination and top 20-pound mark on the first and third day of the tournament.

Read About Adrian's Winning Combination

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adrian Avena wins FLW Everstart Event on Lake Champlain

Whiskey River Bait Company Prostaffer, Adrian Avena
We are excited to tell everyone that our very own "Outlaw Angler", Adrian Avena, won the FLW Everstart event on Lake Champlain yesterday!  Adrian said he had to switch his baits up everyday, but the baits that produced all of his keepers (including a giant 6-12 largemouth) were an original Storm Wiggle Wart and an All-Terrain Jig with a Whiskey River Bait Company Vaquero Craw.
6-12 kicker from a jig & Vaquero Craw trailer

  Adrian will be fishing the rest of the FLW Northern  Everstart events as well as the BASS Northern opens.  Keep an eye out for this kid - he will be "wearing the horns" at the next FLW Everstart event.  Awesome job, Adrian!
The winning combination

Read the Interview

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vaquero Craw - The Original Outlaw Strikes Again

The Vaquero Craw has been producing some really big fish and solid limits for our Prostaffers lately!  Below is Outlaw Angler, Ben Cayer, with a monster largie he caught on a Vaquero Craw and Chatterbait combo!  How heavy do you think this fish is? 
Outlaw Angler, Ben Cayer

Below (left) is our Rising Outlaw Ambassador, Robert Brooks.  He and his partner caught a 14.67 pound limit  for a fifth place finish during the Fredericksburg Fishing Club tournament on the Potomac.  They also caught their fish using the Vaquero Craw and a Chatterbait combo!

Seems like Vaquero Craw is gonna do some damage this season!  Have you caught some good fish on Vaquero Craw?  Share your pictures on our Facebook page!  Don't forget to "LIKE" us.  For more info and pictures of Vaquero Craw, visit whiskeyriverbaits.com

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TBF's Student Angler Federation - The Future of our Sport

Outlaw Angler, Ben Cayer, tells us a little about the TBF's Student Angler Federation..

The future of bass fishing depends on the youths and there are many organizations that are doing their best to make sure that our sport lives on. 

The TBF recently developed the Student Angler Federation a program that links high school fishing clubs together and provides knowledge and fishing experience to students all over. This is a great opportunity to give younger anglers, who may not have had the chance otherwise, a chance to fish competitive bass tournaments.

I got my start fishing tournaments in a small junior club here in Vermont. I now run that club and I feel that I am doing my part to keep the sport growing. The group of kids that fish in the club now are getting a big start on their fishing careers and most of the time they are bringing in bags that are as nice as ones that some pros would catch. 

I am really looking forward to the upcoming season; it is going to be great!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't Question Your Angling Abilities - Just Do It

Outlaw Angler, Adrian Avena, talks about how to power-through when your abilities as an angler are in question.  Great info, Adrian!

In 2009 after I just fished my first BASS Northern Open on Lake Champlain, I decided on my drive home that I wanted more. I finished that tournament 132 out of 181 anglers, but that didn’t faze me. I was told I was not ready, but being a stubborn and driven teenager I did not listen. When you have a love for a sport you want to succeed and those people saying I was not ready only fueled my engine to become better.

The very next year I fished all three BASS Northern Opens, cashed two checks, and finished up the season 19th in points.  My advice for anyone who wants to take their fishing to the next level is DO IT!  It may be an expensive learning experience, but I believe it is well worth it;  The amount you learn in one event will benefit your fishing abilities tremendously.  If you have any questions at all you can post them here, on my Facebook page and I will answer them ASAP.